Valerie Romanoff Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas: "Emerging Venus"
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Valerie Romanoff Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas: "Emerging Venus"

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Artist: Valerie Romanoff
Title: Emerging Venus
Size: 30" x 40"
Edition: 99
Medium: Giclee on Canvas
Year Published: 2008
About the Artist: In her work, Romanoff explores female sexuality, creating her paintings on canvas and using traditional oil painting techniques to bring out the visual vitality in each image. She uses bright paint to add contrast and intensity to her works, bringing the canvas to life by breathing in thousands of glimmers of colors. Valerie's work is figurative in form and abstract in content. Her impressionistic narratives capture the personality and essence of her subjects, illuminated by mosaics of beautiful colors. According to Valerie, "life and art are a collection of colorful, vivid moments". Valerie Romanoff was born in Soviet Russia in 1966. At ten years old she began studying art at the Ukraine State School of Fine Arts. Later she continued her education at Art Institute of Kiev. In 1992, upon arriving in Jerusalem, Romanoff's art career was launched at the Art Nova Gallery. During this time she participated in various solo and group exhibitions throughout Israel and the United States including ART EXPO shows in New York and Los Angeles. Now artist resides in Highland Park, Illinois.
Valerie Romanoff Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas: "Emerging Venus"
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