Erik Freyman Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas:"Montmartre"
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Erik Freyman Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas:"Montmartre"

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Artist: Erik Freyman
Title: Montmartre
Edition Size: 100
Medium: Giclee on Canvas
Image Dimensions: 40" x 30"
About the Art: Erik Freyman was born in Leningrad. U.S.S.R. in 1932. Erik Freyman brings a personal sensibility to the stylish era of the 1930's and high art of the 1950's Style. He has distilled from these two periods an intriguing style that captures an aura of glamour and prosperity. He gives us a bold, straightforward presentation of elegant and sensual figures who inhabit a sophisticated urban millieu. Posed in settings that are social of public his images are alternately elegant, humorous, secretive, mysterious, interactive or aloof, distinctly urban and seductive. Freyman's masterful use of airbrush technique has enabled him to create limited editions in which each piece is, in fact. unique. Produced in multiples that are signed and numbered, each is individually hand produced by the artist. 'This technique has enabled variations within each edition of certain background patterns and textures, adding to their uniqueness. Freyman's work acknowledges the Cubist influences that inspired much of the Art Deco period of the 1930's. Flatplanes, softly modulating into a gracefully articulated balance of crisp lines and fluid contours, set the characteristic style of the work. A soft palette, predominately greys and pinks, is a conscious understatement to the boldly drawn forms, and thus, subtle colors in Freyman's work becorne a strong dynamic to his overall composition.
Erik Freyman Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas:"Montmartre"
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