Robert Finale Christmas Canvas Giclee:"Merry Christmas to All"
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Robert Finale Christmas Canvas Giclee:"Merry Christmas to All"

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Artist: Robert Finale
Title: : Merry Christmas to All
Size: 9" x 12", 12" x 16", and 18" x 24" - Select sizes options from Drop Down Box.
Edition: Artist Signed and Numbered, Limited to 60 total. Certificate Of Authanicity Included.
Medium: Hand Embellished Giclee on Canvas
From the Artist: The night before Christmas always gives me a warm feeling inside. It is a time of giving and spending with family& friends. As the caroling begins to spread throughout the night, and the Christmas lights start to brighten up the cold streets, I am reminded that this indeed is my favorite time of year. A breathtaking Victorian home decorated with garland & ribbon sits in the center providing a bastion for loved ones from the cold & biting air. In the front yard there are children laughing and running about, making snow angels, singing popular Christmas songs while bringing snowman to life. As dusk fades to night, the sound of church bells chiming can be heard in the distance inviting all to return home. We all sit in front of a warm fire giving thanks for our many blessings, while sharing hot chocolate and stories from our day. I invite all to partake in these warm Christmas memories with me as I wish a Merry Christmas to All. - Robert Finale
Robert Finale Christmas Canvas Giclee:"Merry Christmas to All"
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