Carlton & Reis Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas:"Don't Cry Over Spilt Hunny"
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Carlton & Reis Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas:"Don't Cry Over Spilt Hunny"

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Artist: Trevor Carlton and Steven Reis
Title Don't Cry Over Spilt Hunny
Edition:: Signed and Numbered Limited Edition w/ coa to 20
Image size: 24" x 24"
About the Artists : Performance artists Stephen Reis and Trevor Carlton are bringing the art world something it has never seen before. Not only do they work side by side in complete harmony, they do it in front of an audience. These artists give you an opportunity to be there from the moment a blank canvas becomes a work of art.

Trevor Carlton was born in 1972 in Olympia, Washington. He picked up the brush early in life but was drawn in a different direction, acting. After school he relocated to Los Angeles, California. Like most actors amidst the auditions he needed a day job, ironically this pushed him back towards painting. While he was working with antiquing and finishes at a custom furniture store, he developed the style of art he now works on full time; a vintage Americana from pop to hay day jazz.

With Stephen Reis, Trevor has come full circle combining his two loves of painting and acting.Stephen Reis is a California native born in Los Angeles in 1974. He has studied all forms of art from Film production at Loyola Marymount College in CA. to Fine Art in Florence, Italy. Stephen has spent most of the last six years as one of the animators of The Simpson's. He is also training the next generation of animators teaching at his alma mater. With Trevor Carlton, Stephen has brought proportion, perspective and all the traditional aspects that come with his experience as a sought after animator. When you ask them why they do this, "We want to tell a thirty minute story" they respond in unison. They give everything they have to the performance, being instinctively where the other is not, while complimenting each other's style. They even thrive on the time constraint, letting inspiration and emotion be drawn by the audience's reactions. They want the audience to have a say in what direction they take the piece. Only a character is previously decided on. The ability to bring out the best in each other is what turns this high-energy performance into an art experience that should not be missed.
Carlton & Reis Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas:"Don't Cry Over Spilt Hunny"
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