Jan Saia Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas :" Pearls Of Wisdom"
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Jan Saia Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas :" Pearls Of Wisdom"

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Artist: Jan Saia
TitlePearls Of Wisdom
Edition::Limited Edition S/N Giclee on Canvas 295
Image size:36" x 30"
About the Artist :Jan Saia's paintings are delicate yet bold, tonal yet colorful. At the same time her naturalness of intent shines through, emotionally touching her viewers. When asked what inspires her, Saia says, "painting is a form of meditation to me, and the more that I've painted the more I've learned to really see the world around me, therefore, "my truth as I see it" is my inspiration."Born of Danish and Celtic decent, Jan spent most of her young childhood in rural Wisconsin. At the age of 13 her family moved to California and it was in this new environment that she began to receive the first words of encouragement about her innate talent as an artist.Jan's gift was natural to her, and after graduation from high school she nurtured that talent by taking as many college art classes as possible while earning her living at a succession of what she considered "practical jobs."While Jan's main interest remained watercolor painting, she explored other avenues of creativity, which included Interior Design and Architecture hoping that those pursuits would satisfy her creative passions. It was during this time that she visited a local artist supply store in Santa Rosa, California where she happened upon a lecture by a classically trained oil painter. This was a defining moment in her life, allowing her to put her more "practical" nature aside and take the plunge into studying intensely for several years with her "mentor" then into being a full time oil painter.Since that time, studying with several well-known painters have proved helpful in developing her distinctive atmospheric style. Yet, she finds for herself, many long hours of painting along with a total commitment have proven to be the strongest influence on her work.Now on most days you will find Jan fulfilled, painting in her studio, living her lifelong dream as a full time "Artist."ARTIST STATEMENTThe creation of art is a process that cannot be learned in a classroom. Certain principles, rules, theories and techniques can be learned, but not the true inspiration that it takes to create art.I have found that the principles that are in every creative thing I do, every painting, every sketch, every creative thought are present in all aspects of life. For me, the ability to open up and to really "SEE" is the foundation in every painting. When I observe this principle at work in other areas of my life I always smile in recognition, It's a form of confirmation that there, it is a "Truth" that governs everything. The more I open up and trust myself the more often these truths present themselves to me, in my art and in my life. I view this as a great ‘Gift and I am thankful for it everyday.When I decided to follow my dream, I did so for several reasons; I had a need to achieve something with my life, not just pass my time with out a purpose. I wanted to look back at my life with a since of pride rather than regret knowing that I'd followed my dream of being an artist. I also felt as a human being, it was my duty to make a difference in this world for my self and other. Communicating through my painting was my way to make that difference, and to pursue it as far as it would take me.In good times and in bad, it is my sincere hope that I will always have the courage to be true to myself and my dream……..Jan Saia
Jan Saia Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas :" Pearls Of Wisdom"
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