Daniel Smith Handsigned and Numbered Limited Edition Canvas: "Winter's Embrace"
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Daniel Smith Handsigned and Numbered Limited Edition Canvas: "Winter's Embrace"

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Artist: Daniel Smith
Title: Winter's Embrace
Edition: Artist S/N to 100 on Canvas
Image size: 24" w x 16" h.
About the Artist: Daniel Smith, one of America?s foremost wildlife artists, enjoys wide acclaim for his depictions of the natural world. He is inspired by his surroundings in southwest Montana and paints from personal experience. He also has had a lifetime fascination with Africa and travels there frequently seeking artistic inspiration. Daniel has been painting fulltime for over twenty years. His works are in the permanent collection of The Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum and The Wildlife Experience. Daniel participates annually in the Masters of the American West exhibit at the Autry National Center and the Western Visions exhibit at the National Museum of Wildlife Art. He has wonnumerous awards from The Society of Animal Artists as well as being chosen as ?Artist of the Year? for several conservation organizations. Throughout his career Smith has used his art to aid and endorse manyconservation efforts. He feels indebted to the natural world that has been the sole inspiration for his award winning career.

About the Art: In the mid-1990s, when wolves (which had been eradicated from the park) were reintroduced to Yellowstone, Daniel Smith worked with the Yellowstone Wolf Recovery Project, hiking through the park to observe the habits and environmental impact of the newly introduced wolves. Since then, wolves have become one of his favorite subjects and he paints them in all seasons.

?Living in the mountains of Montana has provided me with ample time to experience snow,? says Smith. ?Fresh snow creates wonderful textures and a quiet serenity that is always inspiring. Wolf reintroduction in the West has rekindled my interest in this extraordinary predator.

?My paintings are a reflection of many years of field work and my passion for the natural world. My objective is to share my passion through a scientifically accurate, realistic painting while maintaining artistic integrity.?
Daniel Smith Handsigned and Numbered Limited Edition Canvas: "Winter's Embrace"
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