Gaspar Cunha Open Edition Giclee on Canvas :"Constructivism"
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Gaspar Cunha Open Edition Giclee on Canvas :"Constructivism"

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Artist: Gaspar Cunha
Title: Constructivism
Size: 23" x 26.5"
Edition: Open
Medium: Giclée on Canvas
About the Artist: Gaspar Cunha is known for his vibrant colors, bold designs & expressive works. The New York press Daily News wrote that "every stroke speaks"...When they saw his work displayed at the Rockefeller Center entrance at the 5th Ave on Art Show. Gaspar achieves this emotive beauty with acrylic paints and true inspiration. Both Gaspar and his brother Belchoir understand that truly great works of art are the ones which inspire you to paint them. Gaspar and his brother Belchior, went on a quest for this all important inspiration back in 1995. The brothers got a motor home, and drove from Miami, FL to Santana de Patos, MG (Southeast of Brazil) driving for 70 days. The two brothers drove almost 10 thousand miles, all in the name of art, looking for inspiration in the places they went. Their artistic adventure was broadcast on National Television in Brazil!
Gaspar Cunha Open Edition Giclee on Canvas :"Constructivism"
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