Michael Young Limited Edition Serigraph on Paper: "Treasures of the Nile"
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Michael Young Limited Edition Serigraph on Paper: "Treasures of the Nile"

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Artist: Michael Young
Title: Treasures of the Nile
Size: 33¾" x 25½"
Medium: Limited Edition Serigraph on Paper
About the Artist: Michael's interest in art began as a child, but his formalart training did not begin until he went to art school inSalina, Kansas. After graduating, he worked in severalarchitectural art studios and studied portrait painting. Hethen opened his own studio, painting portraits, murals andmany other types of artwork.Young moved to New York City in 1978 where he studied at theprestigious Art Student's League, the training ground for somany of America's great painters and sculptors. At the sametime, he was a studio artist for Red Rose Art and AndrewKolb & Sons Gallery on Madison Avenue. Young felt he made anartistic breakthrough with his private instruction with BillWeltman, a teacher of drawing and anatomy classes thatenabled Young to master the figure. This time in his lifeproved to be very valuable in his future career. Young has had one-man shows with prestigious galleries fromBeverly Hills, San Francisco, Carmel, Maui, Boston, Chicagoand New York City. Young has received tremendous response tohis artwork, which is now included in many private andcorporate collections both in North America and abroad.Longing to combine his talent and love of illustration withhis fascination for the nightlife and fashions of the past,Michael created his unique style. It has been a naturalevolution for him to paint subjects that evoke a strong andlively romantic statement with the people and places ofAmerica's nostalgic periods of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s.
Michael Young Limited Edition Serigraph on Paper: "Treasures of the Nile"
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