Elise Ondak giclée on canvas, hand signed by the artist:"Path, The"
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Elise Ondak giclée on canvas, hand signed by the artist:"Path, The"

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Artist:Elise Ondak
Title:Path, The
Size (H x W):18 x 24
Medium:giclée on canvas, hand signed by the artist
About the Art:The Path captures the allure of the ocean, hypnotically drawing you into its solitude. Alone with your thoughts, the rhythmic waves soothe the spirit. Clouds hint at storms to come, but the timeless ocean endures.
"When I was painting The Path I was not only aiming to depict a specific place and memory. I wanted to capture a representation of the journeys each of us must travel throughout our lives. Standing on a path of sand, marked by the ever-fading footprints of those who traveled before us, we peer through the softly waving grasses to the inviting waters below. Although the destination is in sight, we must still walk the path to reach it." - EO
J. SCOTT NICOL J. Scott Nicol was born in Arizona, but moved throughout the country living in Washington, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. "It was difficult moving as a child, but each year we would vacation at my grandparent's house. I would sneak up to the attic and look at the stacks of paintings. Although I never met my grandfather, I would sit at his easel and pretend to paint."
Scott's grandfather was a commercial artist and plein air painter. This motivated Scott to graduate from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography and painting. "I loved everything about oil painting:mixing the beautiful colors, applying the luscious paint...and watching the transformation from blank canvas to final art."
For the next 28 years, Scott worked as a successful graphic artist and entrepreneur in video, multi-image, business graphics and textile art. At age 50, he decided to fulfill his passion and return to fine art painting. "I still have some of my grandfather's oil paints and use a little in each of my paintings. It is my way of thanking him for inspiring me to become the artist I am today"
Elise Ondak giclée on canvas, hand signed by the artist:"Path, The"
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