Dominik Modlinski Open Edition Canvas Giclee:"Tapestry"
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Dominik Modlinski Open Edition Canvas Giclee:"Tapestry"

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Artist: Dominik Modlinski
Title: Tapestry
Size: 15" x 22" / 20.5" x 27.5" / 32" x 43"
About the Art: The quintessential plein air painter, Modlinski roams from mountain to ice field, following his muse. He delights in the changes of season, and diverse geography that the world offers, embracing a challenging environment. He has seen more of our natural world than most have ever dreamed of.

Born in Warsaw, Poland, where he attended The School for Artistic Design, he came to Canada at the age of 15. In Toronto, he graduated with honors from the Ontario College of Art in 1993. Then, in search of the wild places, he moved to the remote and rugged North West location of Atlin, British Columbia. Here, he taught art at the Atlin Art Center, while also employed as a wilderness guide, from 1995 to 2000. The past seven years have taken him through Alaska, The Yukon, The N.W. Territories, Antarctica and Patagonia. His website,, reads like a jaw-dropping photographic diary.

Dominik thrives in a physically challenging environment, and his oil paintings speak of an intense involvement with the land. He says, "I am humbled every day, as I travel through this great land." With imagery as lush as his, he inspires us to feel the same.
Dominik Modlinski Open Edition Canvas Giclee:"Tapestry"
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