Isaac Maimon Limited Edition Serigraph:"Cafe Parasol"
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Isaac Maimon Limited Edition Serigraph:"Cafe Parasol"

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Artist: Isaac Maimon
Title: Cafe Parasol
Edition Size: 350
Medium: Serigraph
Image Dimensions: 12.25" x 17.5"
About the Art: Women meeting in somewhat hazy coffee houses, colors that are bold and bright, the essence of a true urban scene, daytime life and nightlife intermingle. It is a warm, gentle and inviting atmosphere. The air is full of promises and secrets just like any self-respecting bistro. This is Isaac Maimon's world, the scene that he paints with consuming passion. Maimon's paintings capture the "boulevard culture," that uniquely French atmosphere that so intrigued Lautrec, Bonnard and other artists before him. Though strongly influenced by the Paris school of art, with his intrepid use of color and line he creates works that are absorbing, rich and uniquely Maimon. Born in Israel in 1951, to French speaking parents, he exhibited an early artistic ability that was enthusiastically supported by his family. After serving his time in the military, Maimon attended the Avni Institute of Fine Art in Tel Aviv, the most prestigious academy for the arts in Israel. This is where his initial interest in the Paris school was cultivated. In 1980, Maimon began teaching at the School of Visual Arts in Beer-Sheeba and later that year the Kaye Art Academy. In the late 80's he was a professor at the Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheeba. During this time Maimon began an association that enabled him to build and manage coffeehouses. He became a restaurateur and pub owner. Always the artist, he was often found sitting at a back table sketching the café patrons. He thought that he could discern what people were saying or feeling from their expressions and postures. He would sketch from life in the café and go back to the studio to put color to the ideas on canvas. His earlier interest in the Paris School was again cultivated and nurtured. " I have always been attracted to the atmosphere of coffee houses. I try to recreate this in my paintings." "I have been painting as far back as I can remember. I received much encouragement from my family and friends. In my youth, I was given important direction from Moshe Agmon and later at the Avni Institute. I was greatly influenced by Haim Kiva and Moshe Rosenthalis. Other artists whose paintings have affected me are Matisse and of course Lautrec." Isaac Maimon's artwork is currently held in many private and public collections and can be seen at art exhibitions and galleries throughout the world.
Isaac Maimon Limited Edition Serigraph:"Cafe Parasol"
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