Kitty Cantrell Limited Edition Whale Sculpture: "Kindred Souls"
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Kitty Cantrell Limited Edition Whale Sculpture: "Kindred Souls"

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Artist: Kitty Cantrell
Title: Kindred Souls
Image Size: 12" tall x 10.5" wide x 8" deep
Edition: Limited Edition to 750.
Medium: Lucite Cast Sculpture
About the Art: A humpback whale and her baby glide through the chilled waters in unity. Bonded by nature, these two kindred souls are forever connected. This sculpture is made of beautiful lucite with highly detailed metal embeddment. Award-winning artist Kitty Cantrell is best known for her striking sculpture of North American wildlife. Intricately designed and detailed her sculptures capture the true expressions of animals that have never known human touch.

Wolves, eagles and humpback whales are just a few subjects this native Californian has chosen to sculpt since beginning her professional career. Cantrell believes that the art she creates is a tool for spreading a deeper understanding of the earth's creatures. "If my sculptures can make people think about wildlife," Kitty says, "then maybe they will feel compelled to help protect it."

As a native of Southern California, Kitty Cantrell attributes her respect for all living things to a childhood spent in the Mojave Desert. It was in this arid environment that she became acutely aware of the rhythms of nature and she constantly challenges herself to incorporate this understanding into her artwork.

Kitty Cantrell has had a lifelong fascination with everything wild. She has studied the behaviors of animals with an artist's eye and imagination. Her driving passion has been to capture the essence of the animals she chooses to depict in her artwork. As a self-taught sculptor, she has refined her skills as an artist for nearly a quarter of a century. It is her unique ability to capture the emotion of how we as the viewer feel about the animals she chooses to create, which has won her countless awards and critical acclaim. Her identification with the subject matter has led her to be one of the most widely collected wildlife artists working in the United States today.
Kitty Cantrell Limited Edition Whale Sculpture: "Kindred Souls"
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