Vicente Romero Artist Signed 38 x 29.2 Limited Edition Canvas Giclee:"Basking Beauty"
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Vicente Romero Artist Signed 38 x 29.2 Limited Edition Canvas Giclee:"Basking Beauty"

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Artist: Vicente Romero
Title: Basking Beauty
Size: 38 x 29.2 inches | 96.5 x 74.2 cm
Edition: Vicente Romero personally hand-signs each image on the front of the canvas and again on the back (along with the edition number). Each image is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, which is also hand-signed by the artist.
Medium: Each limited-edition is printed on the finest imported German Hahnemühle canvas, with a special hand-enhanced finish which makes each look almost like an original pastel painting. Canvas ships rolled in a tube.
About the Artist "I am a Spanish painter, born in Madrid in 1956. At that time, it was not unreasonable for a family of modest means to be able to send their children to university for higher education. This was true in my case, and in 1982 I finished my degree in sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid. Very soon thereafter, the necessities of survival forced me to paint portraits on the streets of the Iberian coasts, as well as on the islands of Ibiza and Tenerife. Those years of semi-nomadic life moved me away from sculpture—an activity that requires an artist to live in a fixed location. On the other hand, all those years served to familiarize me with the techniques of pastel art, which I had never used before. I found that medium suited my sensitivities very well. I then settled down on the Costa Brava, a peaceful and radiant place whose great luminosity has deeply transformed my vision of light and color. From a very early age, I was naturally attracted to the world of women. While mysterious, I find it greatly fascinating. I don’t believe in art which is too conceptual nor steeped in virtuosity. I can respect art that does not communicate emotionally, but I’m not interested in undertaking it myself. The fact that, ichnographically, my paintings have a marked “retro” or anachronistic flavor it is not due to a desire on my part to revive old times. Stylistically, I consider myself as a very classical painter. My most admired artists are mainly those from the 17th century—especially Rembrandt and Velázquez. This is because I understand that it is the culmination of the developments of the Renaissance. Classical Greek sculpture, particularly the pediments of Phidias’s Parthenon—the zenith of our artistic tradition—has also sculpted me. Although I also use oil as a pictorial medium, the freshness and immediacy of pastel is unmatched. It is the most direct pictorial technique—the only one in which the artist works with pure pigments. This brings some important advantages.
Vicente Romero Artist Signed 38 x 29.2 Limited Edition Canvas Giclee:"Basking Beauty"
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