Terry Redlin Museum Edition Oversize Canvas:"Shoreline Neighbors"
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Terry Redlin Museum Edition Oversize Canvas:"Shoreline Neighbors"

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Artist: Terry Redlin
Title: Shoreline Neighbors
Size: 23" x 39-3/4"
Medium / Edition: Fine Art Canvas Art Print
About the Art: "The human inhabitants who live in this location have taken special efforts to welcome the arriving wildlife. The gentle, meandering stream offers a natural haven for visiting waterfowl, but these two Canadian honkers have discovered an unusual and ideal nesting spot. Conservationists have placed a tightly rolled hay bale at water's edge. The bale was donated by a local farmer and was carefully spotted on the ice during the previous winter. As spring arrived and the ice melted, the bale dropped into its appointed place. Such innovative thinking is a beautiful example of how man and nature are working together to become good 'Shoreline Neighbors.'" -Terry Redlin
Framing Options: Choose from 2 framing options. Rustic Framed with a Framed size of 29" x 45-3/4" with 3" distressed walnut-finished moulding with gold beaded inner edge and Urban, this option sports a contemporary, urban-style framing ensemble featuring double-stacked 2-1/2" Modena vintage-finished outer moulding and 1-1/4" black inner moulding.
Terry Redlin Museum Edition Oversize Canvas:"Shoreline Neighbors"
Canvas Framing Option
Rustic Framed Canvas Edition, 29 x 45 inches, add (+$380)
Urban Framed Canvas Edition, 30 x 46 inches, add (+$595)
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