Terry Redlin Museum Edition Oversize Canvas:"Best Friends"
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Terry Redlin Museum Edition Oversize Canvas:"Best Friends"

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Artist:Terry Redlin
Title: Best Friends
Image Size: 23" x 39 1/4
Edition: Open Edition Oversized Framed Canvas
Medium: Fine Art Print on Canvas
About the Art: BEST FRIENDS by Terry Redlin - "At sunset the man and his best friend have driven to the crest of the highest hill around. They've had a good day of hunting in the lakes and marshes below. Now both rest, but the man carefully watches the migrating patterns of the distant waterfowl. Tomorrow he'll have a better idea of where the best hunting will likely be. In this spectacular panorama we see a beautiful slice of rural America. Just follow the winding road past the gas station, then the bait shop, the farms, over the bridge and home to a town with its typical water tower and church steeple." Open, unsigned edition from the Museum Canvas Collection. The Museum Canvas Collection offers the size and majesty of Terry Redlin's most popular original oil paintings at a fraction of the cost. Image size, 23" x 39-1/2".
Framing Options: Choose from 2 framing options. Rustic Framed with a Framed size of 29" x 45-3/4" with 3" distressed walnut-finished moulding with gold beaded inner edge and Urban, this option sports a contemporary, urban-style framing ensemble featuring double-stacked 2-1/2" Modena vintage-finished outer moulding and 1-1/4" black inner moulding.
Terry Redlin Museum Edition Oversize Canvas:"Best Friends"
Canvas Framing Option
Rustic Framed Canvas Edition, 29 x 45 inches, add (+$225)
Urban Framed Canvas Edition, 30 x 46 inches, add (+$400)
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