Terry Redlin Artist Proof Print: "Total Comfort"
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Terry Redlin Artist Proof Print: "Total Comfort"

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Artist: Terry Redlin
Title: Total Comfort
Edition: Artist Proof
Size: 18.5"H X 32"W
About The Art: "On this beautiful fall morning, there is not a person in sight. Only mallards move silently overhead as the loyal dog patiently waits for his master to make last minute purchases at this secluded country store. The early morning breeze has begun to ripple the water and gently stir the flag. Hunting gear has been partially unloaded from the rusty Dodge pickup. The boat is ready at the dock. Soon the hunters will emerge from the lighted doorway and head out down the narrow bay to open water. We can be assured that today's hunt will be highly successful, the conversation rewarding and the memories golden."
Terry Redlin Artist Proof Print: "Total Comfort"
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