Leroy Neiman Hand Pulled Serigraph on Paper: "Yawl Sailing"
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Leroy Neiman Hand Pulled Serigraph on Paper: "Yawl Sailing"

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Artist: Leroy Neiman
Title: Yawl Sailing
About the Art: 2001
Limited Edition Serigraph
Image Size: 17½" x 35"
A limited edition of 275 numbered impressions, 55 artist proofs and 8 printers proofs, signed by the artist.
In this limited edition serigraph, LeRoy Neiman takes us sailing again, but this is not a leisurely cruise with rum, champagne and sunscreen. Instead, we are treated to a spectacle of one of man's oldest and greatest adventures, challenging the mighty sea.
The artist's masterly brushstrokes and use of color capture the thrilling essence of the roiling blue and green sea churning in a strong wind. In a composition both energetic and elegant, the yawl races the waves, its sails pressed nearly horizontal and crashing through the whitecaps. The daring crew of five, soaking in their orange and yellow slickers, give their maximum effort to trim the sails, maintain course, and keep from keeling over.
Yawl Sailing is a most welcome addition to LeRoy Neiman's fleet of beloved maritime prints, which include America's Cup, High Seas Sailing, Nantucket Sailing, Hawaiian Sailing and Aegean Sailing.
Leroy Neiman Hand Pulled Serigraph on Paper: "Yawl Sailing"
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